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THERE aren’t many eight year olds that know what they want in life. However, young Sasha Tandon knew from the minute she first heard the Spice Girls that she wanted to be a singer!

A few years later, Sasha fell in love with soul and hip-hop thanks to the dulcet tones of Destiny’s Child – her first ever live concert - and her dream was cast in iron. Now Sasha is living in London and just about to officially release her first single, with an EP to follow later this year.

Sasha admits she was quite shy when she was a child, but music changed all that when she began performing around age of eight. It was from this young age that Sasha started developing her wide-ranging powerful vocal tone

After moving to London Sasha’s song writing skills landed her a publishing deal. Soon the desire to sing became overwhelming and she began furthering her development as an artist. She worked alongside Jo Perry (who put together bands Stooshe & X Factors Only The Young) and then met the incredible duo DaBeatFreakz (Usher, Jason Derulo) who produced her debut EP (releasing later this year).

Sasha writes or co-writes her own material, and says hat songwriting gives her a real outlet, whether it’s to vent her own feelings or to express opinions. She draws inspiration from her favourite artists, citing diverse influences that range from Frank Sinatra and Toni Braxton to Beyoncé and rapper 50 Cent!

In true pop star fashion, Sasha also has a loyal band of listeners and social media followers known as her “Tigers”. She started her online success after posting up an acoustic cover of Rita Ora’s “I Will Never Let You Down” and from there it grew.

“They are Tigers, because they are fierce and loyal, two things reflected in my own personality…My commitment is to have an intimate authentic relationship with listeners. They inspire me, they pick me up when feeling low and more importantly, sharing my appreciation with them for joining my incredible journey is life motivating... Inspiring listeners to become amazing people, whilst giving them something to believe in, is my destiny.”

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