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Taking the Irish music industry by storm, Sasha grew up performing in various venues around Ireland from a young age. Sparking a flame with her acoustic cover of Rita Ora’s “I Will Never Let You Down”, she started her online success and from there it grew. She has since headlined her first show, featured on BBC Introducing, toured the UK with her debut single “Gotta Go” produced by the brilliant duo “Da Beatfreakz”, and signed a deal in the States travelling back and forth, working on her E.P. with Josiah Bell and Tha Hit Bangaz. 


Not only does she give fantastic performances that captivates viewers, but she has a beautiful unique tone. Her music is a mix between pop and RnB drawing inspiration from her all time loves Frank Sinatra & Toni Braxton. She is currently back in the studio and working on a new release!


Sasha Tandon is a sassy singer-songwriter from Belfast. After building up an incredible presence on social media and YouTube with her covers, she is currently working hard towards releasing an EP of original material in early 2017.

‘Gotta Go’ is a fierce urban pop track, with a striking minimal bass production courtesy of DBF Productions. The lyrics are sassy, but also super relatable.  Why settle for someone who’s just lukewarm, when they should be setting your heart on fire?  Sasha’s stripped back vocals also show off her talent for writing catchy, playful tracks.


Sassy singer-songwriter, Sasha Tandon from Belfast is back with one of those tracks that will get the ladies pouting and finger-pointing. Gotta Go is all about not settling for some lukewarm love shit in a relationship and with its catchy little chorus, depending on my mood, I could probably toe-tap along to it in the car. It sounds a bit like a mash-up between early noughties JLo and a Destiny’s Child track.


MOBO Interview | Sasha Tandon 

Describe Sasha Tandon in 3 words.

I would describe myself as passionate, ambitious and loyal.

You recently performed in Brixton, how did it go?

It went incredible. It was my first headlining show so I treated it like a mini concert. The energy was incredible and the audience were so involved. I got to reveal a few tracks off my debut EP, which was great to perform.


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